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Meet the Cases

The best reason to board your horse at the Case ranch is the Cases. After retiring the Cases looked for, and found, the best property they could to build an ethical horse ranch. They did it because they love horses. Linda Case in particular has been crazy about horses since she was a little girl, right up until today. They'll take good care of your horse because they genuinely care about horses.

Over 30 Acres of Pasture

The Case Ranch is situated on a beautiful piece of the Oregon countryside, just outside of Eugene. The Case Ranch has year round pastures and turns out its horses each and every day. The large property allows the horses to roam together with compatible herds of other horses, just the way they would naturally.

Top Notch Facilities

The Case Ranch has a large indoor arena, heated tack rooms, roundpens, training and riding equipment, and ample parking for your enjoyment.

The Way Horses Were Meant to Live

The Case ranch is committed to giving their horses an environment where they can live like they were meant to. Space to roam, pastures to graze, and a herd to do it with. This natural approach leads to horses that are healthier, happier, and much more pleasurable to ride.

We hope you'll come by for a visit sometime!