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A Free Horse is Happier and Healthier

The Case Ranch creates a natural environment for all the horses that live here. We turn out our horses every day on our year round pastures. Turn out time benefits horses both physically and mentally.

A Happier Horse = A Happier You

Horses here do not develop vices that result from stall confinement. They are happier and calmer than horses kept in stalls. It not only makes the horses happier, you will be happier too when your horse isn’t stressed every time you work with him/her.

The Health Benefits

Less Colic

A horse’s body benefits from regular, low impact exercise. This is one way to prevent colic. During the eight years we have been operating, we have had only one case of colic, and that was a mild one. This can save horses’ lives!

Less Arthritis

Horses with arthritis and other ailments that benefit from movement function much better than they would otherwise.

Healthier Feet

Equine veterinarians and farriers believe that our environment is ideal for barefoot horses to achieve and maintain healthy feet that function the way nature intended.

Better Digestive Health

Experts agree that horses’ digestive systems require constant small amounts of feed to function properly, which is ideally satisfied by grazing. The horses here have access to year round pasture. This prevents or minimizes the occurrence of ulcers and other digestive system problems.

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