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Don't Take a Herd Animal Out of the Herd

A horse's sense of well-being comes from being part of a herd. Horses are prey animals that are drawn by powerful instinct to other horses. Although they may learn to tolerate isolation, they won’t be happy, which often leads to a horse that’s uncooperative and unpleasant to ride.

The Difference It Makes

The joy that horses experience from being part of the herd has to be seen to be appreciated. They run and play with great abandon, and it is so special to watch. It is truly a blessing you can bestow upon your horse.

Case Ranch is Designed for Horses

We designed the Case Ranch to foster the well-being and happiness of the horses in our care. The horses here can always see and touch at least one other horse if they choose. We strive to pair up horses that can be “buddies”.

How We Manage Our Horses

The horses that are housed in pastures with run-in sheds are housed with one other horse and can see and visit with the other horses in adjoining pastures.

The horses that are housed at night in the stalls with runs are always able to see their neighbors.

All of our horses are turned out as a herd during the day. We take great care when introducing a new horse into the herd. This is not as difficult as it may sound because of the large turnout area they share - over 30 acres. If they aren’t getting along with another horse, they can just leave.

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