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Case Ranch Services

Here is the full list of services we provide to you, free of charge, when you board with Case Ranch:

  • Daily Turn Out Time - The Case Ranch turns out the horses in our care each and every day.
  • Herd Management - Horses are intensely social animals. So we provide them an environment where they can be around other horses. We monitor their interactions to help pair your horse with other, compatible horses.
  • Feeding - The Case Ranch feeds the horses with a mix of alfala and grass hay depending on the horse's dietary needs, in addition to the grazing they enjoy during the day.
  • Stall Cleaning - We'll take care of that for you.
  • Horse Care - We put blankets and fly masks on your horse when your horse needs it. We'll also monitor your horse and tell you if we see any signs your horse might be at risk of health problems.